May 3-5, 2021

Climate Information for Adaptation

Pasadena, CA
Monday, May 3, 2021
Time Event Speaker
Opening Remarks
8:00am The Climate Modeling Alliance
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Tapio Schneider (Caltech, NASA-JPL); Dan McCleese (Caltech); Raffaele Ferrari (MIT)
Risk Management
8:15am Evolving the National Weather Service to Build a Weather Ready Nation
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Louis Uccellini (NOAA)
8:25am Climate Risk Management in Catastrophe Modeling Kelly Hereid (Liberty Mutual Insurance)
8:35am The Missing Link between Climate Models and Catastrophe Models Dag Lohmann (KatRisk LLC)
8:45am Stakeholder-Relevant Climate Modeling for Regional Risk Assessment Naomi Goldenson (UCLA)
8:55am Information Needs for Iterative Climate Risk Management Robert Lempert (RAND Corp)
9:05am Recent Advances in ML-Based Hydrology and Flood Forecasting Sella Nevo (Google)
Designing Resilience
9:25am Data, Incentives, and Climate Resilience: A View from the Moonshot Factory Sarah Russell (X, The Moonshot Factory)
9:35am Lessons from COVID for Climate Resilience Alice Hill (Council on Foreign Relations)
9:45am Using Climate Models to Inform Resilient Project Designs: Insights from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico & Beyond Francis Wiese and Rich Andrachek (Stantec)
9:55am Where Does Climate Mitigation End and Adaptation Begin? Steve Hamburg (Environmental Defense Fund)
10:05am Unleashing Nature for Climate Resilient Communities Sydney Chamberlin and Alyssa Mann (The Nature Conservancy)
10:15am Break
10:25am Breakout Sessions
11:30am Plenary Discussion
Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Time Event Speaker
Built Environment and Urban Planning
8:00am Pathways Towards a Net Zero Building Stock in a Warming Climate Christoph Reinhart (MIT)
8:10am Planning for Urban Health and Resilience in an Era of Climate Change and Pandemic Sean Quinn (HOK)
8:20am 10 Lessons Learned from the Implementation of Coastal Adaptation Projects Matthijs Bouw (One Architecture)
8:30am Design of Drainage Systems Impacted by Continuously Rising River/Ocean Levels William Pisano (Woodwell Climate Research Center)
8:40am TBA Megan Ryerson (University of Pennsylvania)
Markets and Policies
8:50am Operationalizing Physical Climate Risk in Policy and Investment Decisions: Challenges and Opportunities in Translating Science to Action Nuin-Tara Key (CA Governor's Office of Research and Planning)
9:00am Rising to the Resilience Challenge: Can We Get There from Here? Felicia Marcus (Water Policy Group)
9:10am Adapting to Climate Change within Programmatic Structures Michael Anderson (California Department of Water Resources)
9:20am Lessons Learned and Outstanding Challenges in Using Climate Science to Inform Societal Decisions Philip Duffy (Woodwell Climate Research Center)
9:30am Water Markets and Water Risk: Information Needs for a More Variable Future Andrew Ayres (Public Policy Institute of California)
9:40am Break
9:50am Breakout Sessions
11:30am Plenary Discussions
Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Time Event Speaker
Decision Support Tools
8:00am Using Climate Information to Adapt to Agriculture in the Sahel Ousmane Ndiaye (National Agency for Civil Aviation and Meteorology, Senegal)
8:10am Cal-Adapt: Linking Climate Science with Practitioner Need Nancy Thomas (UC Berkeley)
8:20am Atmospheric Rivers and the Development of Situational Awareness Tools to Support Decision Making Related to Weather and Water Extreme Marty Ralph (UCSD)
8:30am Governing Increased Heat Exposure through Better Policies and Data JR DeShazo
8:40am Usable Sea-Level Rise Projections Robert Kopp (Rutgers University)
8:50am Progress and Plans for the Planetary Computer Bruno Sánchez-Andrade Nuño (Microsoft)
9:00am Crossing the Last Mile in Decision-Support Research: Visualizing Robust Adaptation for Policymakers Mark Alan Hughes (University of Pennsylvania)
9:10am Break
9:20am Breakout Sessions
11:20am Plenary Discussion
Closing Remarks
11:50am The Creation of an Actionable Climate Model, a Work in Progress… Charlie Trimble (Caltech Board of Trustees)