For Students

Many fundamental and fascinating scientific, engineering, and mathematical challenges lie along the way toward realizing our Earth system model. How do clouds feed back onto climate warming? How do we represent subgrid-scale processes such as atmosphere and ocean turbulence in a data-informed model? How can we design the model to optimally exploit emerging hardware architectures? How do we optimize hundreds of parameters and quantify their uncertainties in a computationally complex model with a minimum number of model runs?

CliMA offers students a unique educational opportunity, simultaneously exposing them to the latest developments in the environmental sciences, computational and mathematical sciences, and space technology. We have a plethora of topics for PhD theses that advance the state of knowledge in science, engineering, or applied mathematics, while at the same time contributing to a project with broad societal relevance. Graduate and undergraduate students can join us at the CliMA institutions through a variety of programs, depending on their interests and background.